picture of American Standard AC

American Standard Air Conditioning

What makes the American Standard AC great? Let’s find out! The central air conditioning in American Standard Heating & Cooling’s line has high SEERs, or Seasonal Energy Effectiveness Ratios so that they can help to lower your energy expenditures now and far into the future. Given that their item features a 12-year warranty, you can […]

Powers Electronics Inc extreme weather tips

How to be safe during crazy weather patterns?

Powers Electronic Inc released a safety-on-the-job-tips this crazy climate condition The Powers Electronics Inc spoke with experts around the nation who are taking steps to handle unanticipated and severe weather conditions that might jeopardize safety. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Federal Emergency Management Agency have provided safety guidelines and action items […]

AC Drain

Clogged Air Conditioner Drain, What to do?

All about Air Conditioning Drain Clogging, how it happened and what to do Tom Powers Denver, Colorado Your air conditioning system not only eliminates heat from your home, but it also gets rid of humidity too. During the sticky days of the summer season, it can take a lot of moisture from your indoor air– […]

Spring Cleaning Your AC

Is Your Air Conditioning Ready for the next Season? Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: Get your AC ready for the next season Spring break has come and gone, and it’s time to gear up for the change in seasons by doing some spring cleaning. Many people clean out their garages, hand out unwanted clothes and furniture, and prep their lawn for new plants this time of year. […]

Seven Ways to save cash on AC this summertime

Do not let your AC blow your cash away – Utilize these tips and pay less to cool your home this summer. Running the a/c can make electricity costs skyrocket, however, the option is not pretty, either. Luckily, there are a couple of ways that you can assist your air conditioner to run better and conserve […]


Ways to Save Energy with HVAC System : 1. MAINTAIN PROPER SYSTEM BOUNDARIES Overseeing system borders by managing cooling and heating to designated spaces can improve HVAC energy effectiveness by as much as 20%. Limits can be adjusted according to the operating environment and season. A garage or filling area might not be warmed or […]


Air Conditioner Service Technician

Air Conditioning Experts HI, Aloha! The Best AC Service Technician (Powers Electronics Inc) – Tom Powers Living in Hawaii? The summer capital of the USA! The beach, sundown, culture and Hawaiian dance! Well, you are not incorrect! Hawaii is the best place to indulge yourself in a life full of the summer season! Sometimes you have […]

AC repair

Air Conditioner Repair

Call a Professional Air Conditioner Repair Unless you have brazing, electrical, pipelines as well as installing experience, it is extremely inadvisable to intend to fix your central air conditioner by yourself. Worst comes to worst; you might end up setting off damages to your home that is very pricey to repair. You furthermore risk of […]

Goodman AC Performance

Goodman Air Conditioner Performance

The Goodman A/C performance Goodman uses 5 central air conditioning conditioner designs. They are all extremely quiet that they will not trouble you or your neighbors. Nevertheless, they are not as power reliable as some competitors. Still, they’re most likely to save you on future electric costs if you are changing an obsolete version. Every […]

Lennox AC Performance

Lennox Air Conditioner

How Lennox Air Conditioner Performs The most efficient central air conditioners preserve your residence comfy, likewise on the very best summertime season days, every year utilizing hardly any power along with making a little sound. All the premier systems in our assessment do that, yet Lennox central air conditioners use a lot more. They are […]