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American Standard Air Conditioning

What makes the American Standard AC great?

Let’s find out!

The central air conditioning in American Standard Heating & Cooling’s line has high SEERs, or Seasonal Energy Effectiveness Ratios so that they can help to lower your energy expenditures now and far into the future. Given that their item features a 12-year warranty, you can feel great your system will work well into the future.

Numerous things can impact energy efficiency, however, if all the aspects are correctly set up, an American Standard central air can rise to a 22 SEER, which readies, nevertheless not the best we have seen amongst the absolute best central air conditioning conditioners. This efficiency is because of precisely what this maker calls AccuComfort innovation, that makes it possible for the compressor to alter in little increments instead of merely being on or off like old compressors– or low, high and off in contemporary compressors. These central air conditioners can run at whatever level is appropriate at the time for your specific indoor environment, even changing itself in 1-percent increments. This will conserve you great deals of cash. It likewise makes it possible for these air conditioner to be incredibly specific, adjusting to within a half-degree of your thermostat setting. This line of a/c system gets the EPA’s Energy Star classification however not for the elite Energy Star The Most Efficient.

Preventing the peaks of energy intake with a variable-speed compressor, leads to terrific improvements in humidity control. An American Standard, a/c unit system, will be on, a minimum of at some level, more regularly than two-stage competitors, so it is getting rid of wetness from the air more frequently.

You can expect the American Standard air conditioning system systems to be incredibly tranquil, in part because they regularly run instead of blasting on and unexpectedly turning off throughout the day. Sound insulation in this order similarly helps obstruct the percentage of noise that it does deal with to create. A Durabase pan that your system rests on withstands wear and tear and fractures.

Your home Air Conditioning systems in this series are challenging and crafted in a gray color that will blend entirely into landscapes of various designs. Panels are developed of louvered steel and are prepared to secure the coil while still promoting air flow. Rust-resistant screws are zinc-coated and improved to prevent degeneration. An appliance-grade surface area assists keep the parts far from essential aspects of this system.

The American Standard site is useful, and the styles in this line included an excellent service guarantee– 12 years on the compressor and ten years on parts. Most of the systems in our contrast merely supply a 10-year assurance on compressors, so the more extended service warranty is excellent.


There is outdoors air conditioning system with higher SEER rankings– however little. The American Standard Heating & A/c line is remarkably efficient and can conserve you money on energy costs for numerous years to come. By not switching on and off shifts abruptly, its multi-stage compressor sips energy instead of gulping and helps keep a comfortable level of humidity too.